24 September 2012

Lover Before the Ice

Howdy howdy y'all. We're still here and abouts, and we've still got APs to share, when I'm not too busy being distracted by Borderlands 2 (among other things) to actually upload them. I'll try and get on that. In the meantime, I recently got to play in a Skype game with Caleb Stokes of Hebanon Games, and Matt of The Drunk and the Ugly was kind enough to record it for us. It's a fantastic session of Call of Cthulhu run by the guy that wrote all those fantastic No Security scenarios, so go over and give it a listen! And, ah, try to ignore the fact that Matt forgot the second "R" in my screen name...

27 July 2012

No Security

So I am super-excite to get our two-part AP of Bryson Springs up here. Caleb Stokes is a fantastic scenario writer and GM, and after listening to his games on Role-Playing Public Radio's actual play podcast, I couldn't wait to get my grubby paws on those scenarios and unleash them upon my group! I'm proud to have participated in theNo Security Kickstarter personally, and I can't wait until further releases, which should no doubt make for some entertaining listening.

For those interested, Bryson Springs (and other great scenarios!) was released for free on Caleb's new site, Hebanon Games. Go and check it out for yourselves!

Bryson Springs: Part 1 and Part 2

28 May 2012


Hey everybody!

Sorry for the lack of updates. May has been a busy, crazy month. That said, we've still been playing and recording our games, so expect new episodes incoming soon starting in June.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. Hope you've all been enjoying things so far, and I promise there's more to come!

03 February 2012


So it turns out the last episode of our Shadowrun episodes (12) was actually supposed to be ep 14. Today the real episode 12 has been released. Since it's already been out there for awhile, I'm leaving up ep 14 as well.

Sorry for the confusion, y'all!