01 September 2013



So yeah, we're still around and we're still doing stuff! That's cool, I guess!

We uploaded the latest Shadowrun ep, which was kinda sort borked because there was a loose wire or some crap, but ... yeah, my bad. But it's up, so check it out!

Also we have a YouTube channel now! Come watch us play video games and take incessantly about dumb stuff! So kinda like the actual play podcast, really. If you like that, then this should be great news! If not, well ... whatever.

Lastly, we have a Twitch.tv channel where we'll be streaming some games live with semi-regularity. We, uh ... we had a bunch of Dragon's Crown vids on there, but apparently Twitch automatically deletes stuff after a certain amount of time, so ... who knew? Anyway, shouldn't happen in the future, so while the channel may look a little barebones now, we'll get it fleshed-out in no time.

As for this blog, Imma try and do my best to start actually updating it, if only with notifications about the stuff we're uploading here and there. Maybe I'll post more chatlogs, too. Who knows, it's a wild world!

Anyway, thanks for listening to the show! Feel free to get in touch with us at our email address with any comments/suggestions/verbal abuse/etc.


26 April 2013

Logs 1 — On Zeboyd and Rain-Slick Disappointment

Hey y'all, I know it's been awhile. We got more APs going up on the feed, so stay tuned to that for irregular updates on our RPG exploits. In the meantime, since we're not doing anything else with the blahg, enjoy some random chatlogs because WHYNOT: