26 April 2013

Logs 1 — On Zeboyd and Rain-Slick Disappointment

Hey y'all, I know it's been awhile. We got more APs going up on the feed, so stay tuned to that for irregular updates on our RPG exploits. In the meantime, since we're not doing anything else with the blahg, enjoy some random chatlogs because WHYNOT:

Bridget Fan (5:26): Oh, I started playing Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness 3
darkerdrick (5:26): :( I'm sorry
Bridget Fan (5:26): It's not bad, I suppose.
Combat's alright, some of the jokes are funny
But it feels really predictable, I guess.
darkerdrick (5:26): It's not Zeboyd's best work
Bridget Fan (5:27): Well
He's saddled with Gabe and Tycho
darkerdrick (5:27): Exactly
Bridget Fan (5:27): I made Gabe a Hobo out of spite
darkerdrick (5:27): :3
Bridget Fan (5:27): =| And it's the best subclass for him.
darkerdrick (5:27): :(
Bridget Fan (5:27): HOISTERED BY MY OWN JOKE
darkerdrick (5:27): ^^
Zeboyd is kind of
Bridget Fan (5:27): I made Jim a slacker because it made sense
darkerdrick (5:27): I don't know
Bridget Fan (5:27): I mean he's a skull in a jar
darkerdrick (5:28): Not really a douche but
Bridget Fan (5:28): What else is he going to do but hang out
darkerdrick (5:28): It's not bad for him really
Bridget Fan (5:28): Gave Moira Tube Samurai
No class really goes with her
She's not that great of a character
darkerdrick (5:28): Yeah
Bridget Fan (5:28): And Tycho doesn't fucking matter what you give him
Because you're going to spam his AoE anyway
darkerdrick (5:29): Yeah
it's just
Bridget Fan (5:30): I just use interrupts on Moira while waiting for Tube Samurai's abilities to come off cooldown
But the interrupt mechanic is so fucking awful
darkerdrick (5:30): That's pretty much ALL you will ever use Moira for
because interrupting is stupid
but it's crucial to the endgame
Bridget Fan (5:30): Interrupting is so bad because, like
The action bar is so fucking unreadable
darkerdrick (5:30): There are battles you cannot win until you delay bosses so they don't facerape you
Bridget Fan (5:30): It's not like the turn card system in the Atelier games.
darkerdrick (5:30): oh yeah, it's fucking awful
and guess what
those pictures mean nothing
Bridget Fan (5:31): I KNOW
darkerdrick (5:31): because each person goes at a different speed
Bridget Fan (5:31): It's fucking awful
Bridget Fan (5:31): UGH TYCHO
When you fight the Manipillar
And he uses Kill Tycho
I'm like
darkerdrick (5:31): ^^
but yeah
Zeboyd just
needs to stahp
but he won't because I think he genuinely likes PA
Bridget Fan (5:32): Cthulhu was so great
And Rainslick is just so middling
Neither outright terrible nor good
Just ... there.
darkerdrick (5:32): Preeeeetty much
I did it
I beat it
There you go
Regret that it will forever be in my Steam list
Bridget Fan (5:33): I'm not even playing the second game
I went through the first couple maps on it and was like
"Why am I even ehre"
"I'm not having fun at all, and I dont see it getting better"
darkerdrick (5:34): Yuuuuuuuup
it's just
so fucking weak
Bridget Fan (5:34): The first one was alright
It has a lot of problems, but the novelty of it was enough to carry it through some of the sloggier parts
It's just like
Every fucking thing, I'm like
"I could write this better"
darkerdrick (5:35): That's definitely the biggest thing for me
I mean like
Breath of Death or Cthulhu
aren't really examples of tight, great writing
But they have a certain tone to them
And the style is consistent
So like a so-bad-its-good B movie, it has its charm
Bridget Fan (5:36): But like, fucking everything in Rainslick is like
Tycho says a bunch of big words
Gabe reminds us he's stupid
And then the third-party character's simple solution gets overridden by ZANYNESS WOO WOO
darkerdrick (5:36): That's pretty much the whole game, yep
darkerdrick (5:38): But
Rain-slick was a game I bought because I wanted to support Zeboyd
Bridget Fan (5:39): And now I'm not so sure I want to continue doing so
darkerdrick (5:39): :| Exactly
Bridget Fan (5:39): Especially his, like
darkerdrick (5:39): Especially since like, I've read a lot of his newsposts and articles
and yeah
I do NOT agree with his views
Bridget Fan (5:39): He takes an actual issue (AAA dev costs)
And comes at it from the wrongest fucking angles
darkerdrick (5:40): He does like graphics because hurrdurr destroys gaming
Bridget Fan (5:40): Like the apologist article on Dtoid about Dragon's Crown's tits.
darkerdrick (5:40): Even though it's far too late to be bitching about graphics
He complains that violence is gaming is bascially never acceptable
darkerdrick (5:40): Even though i can point him to games like Spec Ops: The Line
Bridget Fan (5:41): (And while Dragon's Crown IS in the realm of parody, that doesn't automatically forgive it; but, AGAIN, this is not the type of rampant sexism that is the biggest problem)
People are just, like
darkerdrick (5:42): He doesn't understand why people hate on the newest Personas
Bridget Fan (5:42): Incapable of rational thought.
darkerdrick (5:42): Even though he's practically built his career on retro game style
Bridget Fan (5:42): IF I'M NOT GRINDING FOR 50 HOURS
darkerdrick (5:43): So yeah
Bridget Fan (5:43): I've dumped 52 hours into Fiya Embrem, btw. Still on chapter 14.
darkerdrick (5:43): ^^
Not getting Rain-Slick 4
Bridget Fan (5:43): I want to like it
I really do
darkerdrick (5:43): and I'm not sure I'm ever getting another Zeboyd game again
Bridget Fan (5:43): Zany noire/Cthulhu mashups should be really fun
But they just find a way to make it a chore
darkerdrick (5:44): Yeah
I get no enjoyment out of the act of playing the game
it literally feels like an obligation
Bridget Fan (5:44): Exactly
I like the IDEA of the setting
But the execution is fucking terrible
darkerdrick (5:45): I think I'm going to start taking our chatlogs
darkerdrick (5:45): and posting them somewhere
darkerdrick (5:46): because WE'RE THE ONLY SANE PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET

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  1. hey, boys! I'm listening to your cyberpunk backlog and am disappointed at the ZERO attention this blog seems to be getting. and you were onea the dudes on the Lover Before the Ice skype game (no Chrome I will not capitalize skype)? boss! I loved it.

    you guys are nicer to Zeboyd than I am. thought Cthulhu was pointless, too, and I'm a Mythos freak (maybe that was part of why?). take timed hits out and encourage grinding and I no longer understand why I'm playing a game. =|

    the Penny Arcade guys branching out are sooo tragic. Gabe's a solid artist, and Jerry can write an incoherently elevated blog post like nobody's bidness. but past that they're just SUCH lowest common denominator nerds. "oh man I love tabletop games so much that I've never heard of any of them but D&D, and I love fantasy lit so much that I think Song of Ice and Fire is too detailed to read." ugh.

    anyway, hope the Shadowruns keep comin! only up to episode eight or so, but sooooon I will need moar!