25 November 2010

Updates, updates, updates!

Sorry for the delay folks, but the Misanthropy crew has been busy--honest! Anyway, to make up for our absence, we've decided to make Turkey Day special with a bunch of downloads!

Firstly we've got the first episode of our official podcast available!

Next up is the next in our on-going session of WFRP, 3rd edition!

And lastly, but certainly not least, is the complete 3-part series of our one-shot Call of Cthulhu campaign: Death's Six Acres!

We hope, as always, that you enjoy them. And if not, well, screw you.

Comments, criticism, opinions, and so forth, of course, are always welcome.

Coming soon (hopefully): More Misanthropy in the form of successive eps of our official show, random movie-related shenanigans (courtesy of Kamen), and of course, our 4th Ed D&D game (no really, we'll get it up here, honest!).

Stay tuned, and keep on hatin'.


  1. Found the first episode riveting, my good man.

  2. That Cthulhu game was great dudes. The prelude stories were ace. Were they specifically tailored to each individual character?

  3. Kind of the other way around, actually; I had the backgrounds in-hand and then tried to come up with characters based on them.

    I actually just rolled a bunch of random characters, assigned the most archetypical (but also useful) careers I could to each one, then matched each background to each one that I felt fit the best.

  4. Thanks for the response. When are you posting new Warhammer sessions - they get me through the working day! :) And will the Kislevite Barber-Surgeon ever return, he was absolutely hilarious (Ivan?)

  5. We've got some more Warhammer stuff recorded, though we took a short break to start playing Shadowrun. We're most likely going to alternate between the two for a bit, but I'll try to up what's left of our Warhammer antics up in a few weeks.

    As for Ivan (who yes, was the Barber-Surgeon), he's moved out of town, so he sadly will not be as regular a part of our games anymore. He may still show up now and then for random hilarity, but that's gonna be pretty random. Still, we love the big oaf. :)

  6. That's cool, you're basically covering my three favourite RPGs - Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer and Shadowrun, so I'm more than satisfied. Its interesting to hear the differences in 4th Ed Shadowrun compared to the 2nd Edition (which is my preferred edition).
    Basically, I'll listen to any old sit you post :) I also enjoy your podcasts as you talk about computer games and movies. Basically, I suspect I'd be in your circle of mates if I lived in the same town (and I'm English, s not even in the same country!) :)

  7. Well, we're glad to enjoy listening to us regardless! Honestly, we weren't sure in the first place just how well this whole goofy idea of ours would work, but we're glad that people out there seem to find us entertaining, no matter how stupid we get. :)